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Sweet Pucca Maker

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  • Sweet Pucca Maker

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    Ah! Well, that’s different. Oh, God! I will still you if you scream. What the hell does that mean? Oh, God! I just didn’t say when. All right, Max. We’ll see what Ted has to say about this. Oh, man, you would not believe what I games Are you games Son of a ! If you bailed on me games Andrew? Dude, if this is another ing bit like Mike’s games Run. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh, shit! Andrew, you all right? Okay, okay, hold on. I’m gonna get help. What the is happening? Somebody here went to Harvard? Who the would do this? Max. Max. You ing asshole. Oh ! Oh, come on Amanda. Amanda, it’s me. I’m at the office. I just saw Andrew get killed. And now they’re after me, and I think it’s Max. MAX: Oh, gosh, buddy. That hurts my feelings. I’m sure Amanda is great in a crisis, but don’t you think this call is more suited to ? What have you done with Amanda? I just devoured her fabulous Ossobuco Who knew Mandy was such a demon in the kitchen? Absolutely open another bottle as long as it’s red. What? Max, you son of a . You listen to me, right now! Oh, ! Do I hear banging? On your end. I mean, there’s no banging happening here, yet. Wait, are you on my phone? It’s Evan calling to tell us he’s absolutely crushing the presentation tomorrow. Do you want to talk to him? Uh, no. No, it’s okay. Amanda! Sorry, buddy. You’re stuck with me. God damn it, Max. I swear to God if you lay one finger on her games I think you better focus on your own problems, bro. But I’ll give Amanda your best. Actually, I’ll give her mine. Max, no. It’s better. Max! ! ! -ety ! ! Situation is suited for , huh? it. That was stupid. All right. Where were we? “Where are we?” Is the more pertinent question. What? You games have beautiful eyes. Uh, we should get started. We have the whole company to get through, so games Don’t I know it. Ah! Hey, Ted. Oww. Mind explaining yourself? Ted’s here. I, uh, I don’t know. I don’t know. I, uh, was working on the presentation. And uh games Oh, my God! Andrew! “Oh, my God, Andrew,” is right. Without him, today would have been a total disaster.

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