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Sweet Pony Slacking 2

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  • Sweet Pony Slacking 2

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    Sweet Pony Slacking 2 Description

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    Sweet Pony Slacking 2 Actually, I need to talk to her. She’s on the boat, her refuge. When things were tough, she was always there. You’ve got minutes? Are these your wellies? Yes. Where did you get them? At the store. They’re ordinary. You knew Rosalie Richard, right? Yes. And so? Did you know her well? She asked me once for a prescription. Did you examine her? I probably did. Why do you ask? I’m just surprised you never told me. Why would I do that? I’m investigating on her murder. I thought you had found this psychopath. Did your relationship go further? What do you mean? I don’t know. She was a beautiful girl and you told me things were bad with Elise. It’s not because your wife left that Game You called her that night? No, I didn’t. Then why does your name come up on her cell phone? I never spoke to her, I was on the boat that night. Any idea why she called? I’m a doctor, loads of people call me, including you. What were you doing that night? Sleeping. Even better, Elise had an asthma attack. You can check with her. What time? . am. I know because she asked me. Excellent. No hard feelings? Damn you, André. It’s the first time you act like a policeman. You really think Damien is innocent? Yes, but I have doubts. It would be such a relief. But I need you to give me his medical file. I’m not allowed, you know. Was he taking his medication? I think he was, there’s no sign of a relapse. That’s excellent. Were you by any chance up the night of the crime? Yes I was. I had an asthma attack. Around what time? About . am. Why? Was Bernard up too? I woke him up so he could give me my inhaler. Does it matter? Not really. I was just wondering if maybe you saw or heard the Petitpas’ car from your place. No. I would have told you. You also treated Emmanuel Leblanc, right? Yeah. I did what I could. Did you know about his relationship with Rosalie? Manu told me they grew up like brother and sister, but that things got complicated as teenagers. Interesting. And Rosalie never came to your office? No. I met her at Emmanuel’s funeral. She was troubled.

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