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Sweet Pony Caring

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    All cell blocks sealed. UP here! Come on, move it, move it! Check that corridor. He’s not in here. He’s gone! Seal the cell block off! Hurry! Move! He couldn’t have gone far after taking a hit like that. Lock down all units. Forget what he said, Jonathan. Was it true? It’s been in the papers you’re a foster kid. He’s messing with your mind, that’s all. Forget it. Jon, relax. He’s not going anywhere. They’ll find him. Are you all right? Oh, Christ! Jesus! That chair really kicks arse. Yo, get that car in here! I’ve got her. I’ll get her in. Leave me alone. I’m fine. I just need to lie down. Get her in. Let’s go! What the hell’s with her? I didn’t touch her. What do you expect? She just got knocked on her arse. Open up! How’s she doing? Is she gonna make it? Yeah. She looks good. Sleeping like a baby. Great. What the hell are you doing? Just feel like a little head, sport. Let go of him! What the hell do you mean, “Where’s the doctor?” She’s in there. You got an asbestos arse. Go take a look! Hey, what are you doing? What are you, crazy? Listen. How come you’re so interested in the doctor all of a sudden? Pinker is dead, Jon. Go home, get drunk or something. I don’t think he’s dead. What are you, crazy? Yeah, all right. I know it sounds crazy Game but when I saw that body back there, I didn’t feel anything like I used to. Nothing. It wasn’t him any more. He wasn’t there. That’s right! It’s nothing but a bunch of fried meat. And good riddance! It’s just too bad he took so many people with him, that’s all! Lieutenant? Lieutenant, over here! Come on. Keep on it, keep it on there! He must have been thrown clear. Oh, thank God. He’s lucky. Is he gonna make it? Yeah, I think so. All right, Pastori, hang in there. Now, we’re gonna get you help. You’re gonna be all right, you hear me? Hang in there now. Watch his arm. Get him back first. Okay, get that mask on. Let’s go. Hey, what are you doing? That’s one of my guys. Watch that bump, push hard. You go home!

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