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Sweet Party Girls

Sweet Party Girls


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Sweet Party Girls Description

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Sweet Party Girls This is just game this is really odd but just game here. We fly a symbolic portion of cremated human remains into space. What is it that consumers are really looking for in the marketplace today game we mentioned personalization as being important. DNA to Diamonds, we can use personal carbon from an individual’s hair or cremated remains. So this is the Green Pavilion. You can tell by the green carpeting. This is the first time that we’ve actually had a booth so we’re part of the group. We are very privileged to have Joe here of the Green Burial Council. This is a great opportunity to go green and get greener. Look at the numbers here for the steel caskets, for the copper and the bronze, the vaults. All of this concrete, all of these things that we’re putting down in the ground. And I think you all would agree those are staggering numbers when you stop and you look at them like this as a whole. The information that Green Council has presented, you know, talks about that all of this is heavily resource intensive, and the statistics below represent the annual impact of conventional burial. They’re knocking conventional burial. It’s almost like there is a judgment there biased against people who choose conventional. I’ve educated two children and made my life selling vaults, and they’re not bad things. They’re pretty doggone good. I think green burial is great, I really do. I think it’s game I’m your friend, really and truly, but I think working together, we can’t look like we’ve done it wrong all these years. There’s really two kinds of funeral service going on in America. There are people who will defend embalming at all costs and can’t imagine how you can have a funeral without it, and then you have the other folks who are willing to do whatever it takes for a family to honor their dead, heal their living, invite in their divine. Well, back to the days of the viewing and after we wash his body, I think I’m gonna just take my time with that. And I’ll spend as much time as I feel like doing washing and anointing with the oils.

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