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Sweet Ocean Mermaid

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    I just felt I was doing the right thing which as you said was extraordinary when only about eighteen months before I was very anti it well I came to London when I left school after Paris at the moment I could never live in the country, I’m happy down here the country’s nice for four days to go for long healthy walks but I could never live up there now They live in a small village near Bath where Rupert is a partner in a firm of solicitors I had seven years up in London it was fantastic but I’ve just had enough it’s a much slower way of life down here and I’d had enough of the rat race when I get married I’d like to have two children I’m not very children minded at the moment and don’t know if I ever will be Dress Up Games What do you think about them? Dress Up Games Well I don’t like babies What was the biggest shocks to you when you suddenly were confronted with a baby that you had to be responsible for? Panic set in I think, that I wasn’t going to be able to cope Would you like having a nanny to look after them or do you want to look after them? I want a nanny to look after them I felt that we had taken the decision to bring a child into the world and I feel that I wanted to bring him up and not somebody else and I feel it’s my responsibility to start him off whether that will make any difference to how he turns out I don’t know I just felt I wanted to do it Dress Up Games Is it everything you wanted? Dress Up Games For the moment yes I don’t think I’ll have anymore as I’ll get pleasure out off these two I can’t see me going on and on with four or five children I think I feel that I’d want to move on and try and do something else when I leave this school I’m down for Heathfield and Fairfield Manor and then maybe I will go to university but I don’t know which one yet I’d like to do Dress Up Games maybe short hand typing or something like that I left school when I was sixteen, went to Paris went to secretarial college and got a job What made you decide to leave school and go to Paris?

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