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Sweet Nurse

Sweet Nurse


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Sweet Nurse Description

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Sweet Nurse to be the case Up until about the th century, actually, Because the th century is a time When theologians are really reExamining Christian doctrine And they come to conclude that original sin, The sin that all of humanity has as a result of the fall In the garden of Eden, Exists in the soul from the moment of birth. There was this unbiblical concept That a child could sin right away And so, therefore, if he sinned, He was in danger of going to hell And burning forever in hell. The only way to take care of him Was to baptize him And he had to be baptized into the church. If you weren’t a member of the church, It was tickets for you. So theologians say, “you know what? “We need to start baptizing babies immediately. “As soon as possible after they’re born So that in case they die” Of course, this is a period When infant mortality is high and a lot of babies do die “They can get into heaven.” Another Christian truth That was altered by pagan influence Was the lord’s supper. Jesus instituted the communion service, Also know by some as the Eucharist, To be a beautiful, yet simple ceremony Where his followers would drink unfermented wine And eat unleavened bread. These symbols of Jesus’ sinless body and blood Are designed to help believers Remember the sacrifice and the teachings of Christ. By far, the most important rite for late medieval Christians Was the Eucharist or communion, Or as they most commonly called it, the mass. Men and women all come together And take the sacrament. They celebrate what we would call communion, Taking the body and blood of Jesus Christ. But again, under the influence of heathen rituals, The holy communion service Was gradually changed by church leaders Into a mystical ceremony. In this new ritual, fermented wine was used and the priest, Allegedly had the power to transform The bread and the wine Into the actual body and blood of Christ. This is transubstantiation, The notion that a priest transforms the Eucharist Into the body and blood of Christ Through the pronunciation of the formula

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