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Sweet Mrs Claus

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  • Sweet Mrs Claus

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    Sweet Mrs Claus Mr. Boursac, production has dropped sharply and there are lots of troublemakers. I’ve spoken to the factory foremen. They think it’s going to spread. Who are the troublemakers? Colette Pinton, to the office. Agnes Duchemin, to the office. Colette and Agnes have been fired. The pigs! The pigs! I’m sick of this! I’d rather die than work like this. Those who don’t produce, those who don’t work fast, you chuck them out. You kick them out. We have to do something. We’ll all go. We’ll all go together. What’s going on? We want to talk to Boursac. We’ve already got two. You’ll be the third. I’ll call him. It may take a while. That’s enough! We won’t give up. Things will be all right. Oh, they certainly will! Nothing is broken but we must act quickly. They’re difficult to control. They’re holding Boursac. Comrades! Please wait calmly for the results of the negotiations. You can have faith in us. We’ve proved it in the past. We’ll persuade the boss to meet your demands. You’ve been saying that for twenty years. Does he know what we want? Don’t worry. He’s going to meet with the boss. Just wait. That’s all we ever do. Dubreuil, from the union. He doesn’t know our problems. He doesn’t work in an office. And he’s a man! Ginette is up there. She’s a woman. I hope it’s not like in ‘. We were really had. We began with nothing. In any case, we can’t do anything without the union. We didn’t steal our jobs. When you lose your job in this area, you’ve had it. I hope things will sort themselves out. The union rep won’t lose his job. He might. He’ll easily get another. Here they are! I obtained satisfaction. Well? Let them through. Tell us now! We won’t let ourselves be had! We’re not going to give up! Have the girls been rehired? They’ll be back soon. Comrades! After difficult but fruitful discussions game your main demands have been met. It is therefore in your best interest to vote in favor of going back to work, in an orderly fashion. Obviously game your return to work certainly doesn’t mean we will abandon the struggle for more important objectives.

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