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Sweet Lady Dress Up Time

Sweet Lady  Dress Up Time


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Sweet Lady Dress Up Time Description

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Sweet Lady Dress Up Time I guess game I guess I’m just thinking, like, how do these people know that you’re not, like, running off to Vegas with the money? Right, yeah. Obviously, that’s ridiculous. Um game Well, I’m game Bringing my camera. I don’t get it. Okay. Okay. What do you not get? Guys, we only have three months left together before we have to graduate. I’m having a quarterlife crisis here, and you’re talking to Africa? No. No. We’re not going to Africa. But you want to dig Wells. Well, it’s this big thing right now. It’s about clean water. We’re not actually gonna be digging any. You’re dipping again, huh? Yeah, I’m trying to quit smoking. That a boy. It’s a healthy choice. Guys, why do people go to charity events? ‘Cause they want to help people. Wrong. Because they want to feel like they’re helping people, and that feeling comes with a price. The sadder the cause, the higher the price. And what’s sadder than kids in Africa without clean water. So I’ve been doing my research. It seems that now, saving Africa is as popular with christians as Jesus Christ himself. So if we can challenge christians to prove their faith through giving, they’re gonna give whatever they have to to not feel guilty. Basically, we’re going to game steal. Yeah. You want to steal from christians. Yeah? Pierce clovins. Longtime listener, firsttime caller. Uh, presentation looks great. It’s really cute. The idea is awful. It’s just terrible. But I appreciate the brewskis and I appreciate the broskis. I got things to do game Pierce, you’d be doing me a real solid here. I don’t think so. You’d be helping me out. Sorry, buddy. There might be money in it for you. Would you all just listen to Sam? Really! Sam, please continue. Thank you. Very wellthoughtout idea. Thank you. Guys, look, all I’m asking you to do is help me put on one event. Sam, I think Pierce was trying to say was that there has to be something else game there isn’t, dude! I can’t get a tuition loan fast enough, I can’t get an emergency loan big enough. All the scholarships are way past due. And

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