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Sweet Kiss

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  • Sweet Kiss

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    Sweet Kiss Description

    Sweet Kiss, Sweet Kiss Games, Play Sweet Kiss Games

    Sweet Kiss Did you know it would win? Can I count on good tips? Even bets pay to , dozens or columns to . Think and make your choice. What shall I do? Mesdames messieurs, let’s make an agreement. You choose a number, I hit it, and we split the winnings. I pass. red! chips on split, eight on street bets. Do you play cards too? We play poker and many other great games. What do I have here? As always. Shit. Changing three cards, aren’t we? We play five boxes. Exchange, please. My two chips. Think quick! Ten black, the last number Game Make your bets. Zhenia, stop! Straight up for eight, full number for . You blind? Take your hands off the table Game Don’t yell at a blind man? Hands off! Blind man, bet for me. Thank you. No more bets. No more bets! No more bets. The last one is , black. , red. I can’t go on! It’s a nightmare. Split: and , yes? , red. Here you are. My congratulations. Maybe here. Somewhere around here. Damn it! Manager! Where’s the manager? Can’t find anybody in this outfit! Your case! Yes! Catch it! Life goes on, dear fellow inhabitants of the Universe! Christmas Eve promises wonders again! She brings us luck, see! One bet and we’re leaving! Stop! Don’t let them go! Pyotr! It’s all right, Mark. For everything. For everything. It’s all right, Mark. Good luck! Thank you. Thank you! Scales Game Still at it, Yevgeni? Great! Good luck to you. Hello! Yeah Game How are you doing? Hi! Hello everybody! Yes, I’m back. Are you without your husband tonight? Hi! Hi. I’m back. Let’s start. Change them, man. Come on, come on! Here you are. and split. Finishing Game Ah, I’ll bet on red. I’ll put it here Game for me. Against the rules. Sorry, this is against the rules. Children. Children are not allowed here, and don’t take other people’s things. Please Game Nikita, let’s go. Nikita dear, children are not allowed here, see? Wait! Catch him! Stop! Ouch! We play Dozen Three. Peekaboo! Whose child is this? Where are his parents? Careful! No bets! No spin! Stop the ball! What was that? What do you mean no spin? I bet that number!

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