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    Right this way, girls. Shake my hand. Look pretty. Here we go. Smile. Don, smile. Hey, baby. Hey, Mike, is that big voice we hear at the track your real voice? You mean this one? Yeah, that one. No. Actually, this is my real voice, you little whippersnapper. You like it? You’re so bad. Yes, I am. Buddy, you’re right. “Super Stock,” huh? Oh, look at that. We’re on the cover. Oh, look at that. Your name’s first. It’s ’cause I’m prettier. Ah, hell, come on. You said you didn’t care about any of that anyway. Yeah, I didn’t. Uhhuh. Will you two stop arguing? Here, Don. Make yourself useful. Uh.. Hey, Don, can’t wait to see your new Hot Wheels cars. Are they going to be the same as the big cars? Oh, yeah, buddy. They’re going to be identical, just a little smaller. Ready? Ooh! Scared me. Hey, baby. Where are the boys? At your mom’s. I thought they wanted to see me off. We need to talk. What? I kind of thought we already did. Me being alone with the kids, it’s not working. I need you at home, Torn. Well, I can’t make a living at home. Yes, you can. You just don’t want to. Now wait a minute. Wait a minute. You knew who I was when we met. I thought you would change. Baby Game we are finally getting everything we always wanted. This is everything you wanted, Torn. This is your dream, not mine. I Game I’m just not cut out for it. What about us? The kids? They’ll visit when they can, and you can see them when you’re in town. Goodbye, Tom. Hey, Tommy! Get the show on the road. You all right? Ah, I will be when I beat your ass in Bakersfield. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. See the new Hot Wheels team Game Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen take on the twotime U.S. Nationals champion Don “The Snake” Prudhomme in a bestofthree allout match race. You’ve seen the stunning pictures of their red and yellow haulers and their hot, new funny cars. Now see them actually race these beauties for the first time ever, live and in color at the worldfamous Famoso Raceway. Don’t miss it.

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