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Sweet Girl Beauty 2

Sweet Girl Beauty 2


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Sweet Girl Beauty 2 Description

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Sweet Girl Beauty 2 You’ve had here this clash of deities And who’s emerged on top? The Christian god. You can draw your own conclusions. Gradually, the national sentiment Against Christianity began reversing. During Constantine’s reign, Christians went from being a persecuted sect To openly holding positions of influence In the courts and palaces of kings and governors. So a large part of the elites, used to running the show, Automatically then become also the local bishops, etc. You know, become Christian. It wasn’t such a big leap because most of them, Anyway, believed in one supreme divine being Which had different representations. If you want to advance in the army Or in the imperial civil service, There’s every incentive to become a Christian Because all the people at the top are Christians. So, if you want to advance in the hierarchy, Whether it’s military, civil service, or just at court, People become Christians. It becomes very attractive Because Constantine’s edict of toleration makes it so. “Constantine can rightfully claim the title of great, “For he turned the history of the world “Into a new course and made Christianity, “Which until then had suffered bloody persecution, The religion of the state.” And so as people from around the roman empire Entered the Christian church, They brought with them Many of their former pagan beliefs and practices. Now that Christianity has been given the status As a full legal religion, then it becomes attractive Subsequently in the next generations, For a broad number of members of this upper elite. Now the percentage of Christians in this top %, %, % Increases and it increases dramatically in the top % %. That’s the real change. That is when Christianity Really becomes the Christianity that it is today, Because now the people who have been running the show, They are now Christian. Over time, church leaders began to embrace The regal robes and flamboyant ceremony That was part of the pagan religions And in place of the simple commands of god, They began to teach superstitions and manMade traditions.

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