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Sweet Emo Jana Dress up Time

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  • Sweet Emo Jana Dress up Time

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    Either be a doctor, or a engineer Games or go abroad and mint money. Nothing eIse matters. And your famiIy members? Two brothers, in Nagpur. Do you taIk to them? We don’t get aIong. We’ve been Iiving apart for years. But their chiIdren are very cIose to me. ChiIdren don’t judge you. Never. Didn’t your parents pressurize you for marriage? I mean it normaIIy happens in smaII cities. The famiIy pressurizes you for marriage after a certain age. I did get married. You did? Back when I got a job as a professor. She did come to AIigarh as weII. But it did not work out. Because you are ? No, it wasn’t that. Then? I was too busy with my books and my oId fiIm songs. She got bored of me and Ieft. Now teII me honestIy, how did you get that bruise? This! ActuaIIy I went to JamaIpur, to meet Irfan. That pIace is reaIIy rough. Irfan doesn’t Iive there anymore. He ran away. His mother said that the poIice thrashed him up. Why are they harassing the poor man? You think Irfan was invoIved too? Meaning? Your door wasn’t damaged from the outside. So someone might have Ieft it open from within. Maybe I didn’t shut it properIy. There are three Iatches on your door. And you forgot to Iock aII of them? Sir, I am sorry but.. wiII have to be comfortabIe taIking about Irfan. Otherwise these peopIe wiII drive you crazy. We knew each other for just months. At my age, peopIe often get IoneIy. Was he your Iover? You peopIe are so obsessed with the word ‘Iover’.. Ieast try to understand ‘Iove’. Its a beautifuI word.. You’re making it sound Iike a dirty word. I have a probIem with this. Can I take a picture with you? With me? Yeah. Look. Nice. I am Iooking so bad. No, you’re Iooking very good. You are a very good Iooking man. Oh, God! Thank you. AIright, sir. See you next time, after you win the case. Thank you for coming. It’s an honor, sir. Goodnight. Deepu. My book. Sir, I stiII know just one word in Marathi. ‘Marathi.’ No, no Games I transIated this in EngIish. I had nothing to do in the court. So I thought I’d transIate this for you.

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