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Sweet Doll on Holiday

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  • Sweet Doll on Holiday

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    Sweet Doll on Holiday Description

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    Another time. Alright, then we won’t. Then, how about a gameof poker? Don’t have thecash. Totally out. Broke. Oh. That’s quitean iceberg you’ve got there, dear. Is it real? On me, everything’s real. I hopeso. Anyway, it was a gift. He knew how to handle the ladies, eh? Hedid. Cavalier of theold school, if you’ve ever heard the expression. Now he’s dead. And the likes of you arealive. Cora! Stop insultingthe guests! After all, this is an exclusiveclub. We must be nice to our friends Game from Scotland Yard. Scotland Yard? Pardon me! I sure put my foot in it that time! You’ve no idea how big your foot was! Number . But quickly. Do you mind if I do it? Thank you! My pleasure! You’ve got things to do. Number is free. I’m going. I have to work now. You can photograph me if you like. That costs nothing! That woman interests me. If that’s all you want, it can be managed. No, no. Not the way you think. Who is she? A woman! Let me tell you something, sweetheart. I may not be from the vicesquad, but I see what’s goingon around here. I can manage to find out if your famous club even has a licenseor not! She’s Cora Watson. Until a couple of years ago, a flameof Sugar’s. But a fancy prince just snapped her up. What kind of prince? A certain Donald Parker. They put him six feet under, longago. Was this Donald Parker once president Game for Love and Peace for People? With love he had a lot to do. With peace I don’t know. Vodka. Would you like to try? Stay where you are, Sugar! Come steps forward! Put your hands up! I never knew the policecould beso punctual! For me, only hours a week policeman and also only human. Work is over at five. Look. Fiveafter fiveand I’m here. Spick and span. Is Inspector Perkins also so punctual? Perkins, Perkins! He’s a climber! Hecan work hours straight through. But not with me. The Chief could call me right now and I’d give him somethingto think about. Yes? Sergeant Pepper here. Just whereare you? Got a bird with you and going for a Sunday drive in a squad car, huh? Just disappear at fiveo’clock for theday, do you?

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