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Sweet Doll on Holiday Adventure

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  • Sweet Doll on Holiday Adventure

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    Sweet Doll on Holiday Adventure Description

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    Donald Trump will be the th president of the United States. Ah, yeah. [woman] The basket of deplorables has arrived. [cheering] [man] People have talked about a miracle. I’m hearing about a nightmare. [crowd chanting] USA! USA! [woman] This is your life now. This is us. This is our country. [Stone] Stone’s Rule. “Past is prologue.” “Silent majority,” “the forgotten Americans.” “I am the candidate of law and order.” It’s not me who found this trend. It’s those who went before me. I just saw Trump’s ability to utilize it to become president. This is the manifestation of a dream I’ve had since . And I’ve always thought Donald Trump had the size and the courage and the balls to become president of the United States. We’re in the age of Stone because the change in our politics, the rough-and-tumble cutthroat politics, the slash-and-burn of what was just probably the dirtiest, nastiest campaign in American political history, are now in vogue. [man] What message would you have for the viewers of this film who will loathe you when the credits roll? I revel in your hatred, Rooster, with your beautiful plumage, Thank you, dear bird! I’ve finished! l’m done! Well, is it ready?! You’ve finished it, you witch…! You wicked little viper! Next time, I’ll give you harder work than this! Now go feed the chickens, water the cattle, split the wood, and sweep the yard! On the same morning and the same day, but in a different land, and in a different village… Son! What is it now?! Take care of yourself…! Don’t forget about me…! Yeah, yeah… Don’t hurt the weak! Yeah, yeah… Honor those who are old! Yeah, yeah… Oh, you dear boy, lvan, Come to meet me at the gate! l got a brand-new sarafan, all of silk and lace it’s made! Vania, Vania, wait a bit, where have you been to? Don’t pass by, we must meet. Look into my window! Please, lvan, don’t leave forever, On the porch we’ll sit together. Of an apple take a bite. We’ll be talking side by side. Hey, you people, step aside! Clear the way, here I come! Me, a handsome, jolly lad, Strolling through the village Hey-liuli, hey-liuli, Let the road be straight and free. I’m the greatest you ever saw! l’m just pure delight! Nothing’s wrong with me, l’m as perfect as they come Hey-liuli, hey-liuli, Let the road be straight and free. l can walk all over seas, Moving mountains over l will find the perfect girl Fair and sweet as clover. Hey-liuli, hey-liuli, Let the road be straight and free. We’ll rob ’em, we won’t rob ’em, we’ll eat ’em, we won’t eat ’em… We’ll beat ’em, they’ll beat us… We’ll rob ’em, we won’t rob ’em, we’ll eat ’em, we won’t eat ’em… [Imitates a crow] [Ivan whistles] Hold it! We’re going to rob you. Me? You! Well, go ahead… rob me! Why don’t the clubs fall down? Just wait. They’ll fall by next winter. Have a good day! How about that?! That kid’s got muscle! Hmmm….. I wonder… Whether lvan wandered over for a long time… or not, that we don’t know. But he found himself in a strange, far-away land. lvanushka! Who’s playing hide-and-seek with me? l am! And who are –you?!

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