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Sweet Daughter

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    I understand they’ve got to pay four hundred pounds a year membership and they don’t really want people without etiquette to go on the golf course and ruin their so called golf course! Dress Up Games Great shot! Dress Up Games Fore! It does get a bit of a pain sometimes when they keep saying “excuse me sir! are you a member?” it comes out like that, but obviously etiquette is etiquette so you’ve got to conduct yourself on these type of courses ’cause I think you’re a bit smaller than most people you try to hit the ball hard you got to just Dress Up Game Dress Up Game it’ll get there Where do you go here? I’m over here Dress Up Games I missed that one! Dress Up Games Unlucky, keep a hold of her Dress Up Games That’s about an eight Dress Up Games Too much mate! No it ain’t! Tony hit an eight, it’s definitely an eight! No there’s too much club Ken, it’s a nine Dress Up Games What are you going to hit then? Dress Up Games A nine iron, I think that’s about right Go on then, if you hit a nine then head it to the right That’s it that’s perfect Great shot that’s a great shot Now I am a young guy and I heard you were a big successful taxi driver Dress Up Games You want advice? Dress Up Games Yes I’ve been a film extra now for six years it may not go any further, I’m just having acting lessons Give me the benefit of all your experience you’ve got to feel big, bigger than me Dress Up Games Just go? Dress Up Games Right, here we go Tell me son, what do you want to be a cab driver for mate? Well make a lot of money you have a good life Son look at me I may be a successful businessman, I might have the suit I might have all the holidays in Spain every year but son it’s hard work out there Dress Up Games You’re not reaching me yet Dress Up Games I’m not getting to you? Alright, now be bigger, dominate me Dress Up Games Son Dress Up Games Yeah Son it’s a big world out there and obviously I’m not Dress Up Games Dress Up Games I can’t get into it Warren Dress Up Games

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