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Sweet College Girl

Sweet College Girl


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Sweet College Girl Description

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Sweet College Girl She’s younger than me and has to an old man! Of course she’s gonna bleed him dry. And poor Sorina’s in the middle of all that. How could my family sink so low? Listen, whether it’s drugs or booze game don’t hold back tonight. I’m taking a shower. Babette! Everybody’s gone. Come out or you’ll melt. You okay? Still alive? Say something or I’ll open the curtain. Can I have a towel? You scared me. I was afraid you’d fainted. You okay? Yeah, I’m okay. Can you dry my back, please? You used up all the soap! You okay? Fine. It’s a mess. Everything’s a big mess! But I’m fine. You cheat on your boyfriend often? What? Do you cheat on your boyfriend often? No, this is the first time. No, not often. Really? So I should be flattered then? I’m mostly faithful out of laziness. But for the orgasm, yeah, you can be proud. Mrs. Delbard! Cancel everything. What do I have this afternoon? Oh, shit! I’d completely forgotten our lunch. I can’t. I have to pick up Julie. Come on, I’ll explain. The idiot’s chained to a school fence to protest the arrest of illegal aliens. I can’t let the cops cart her off. Viagra? Yeah, just the kind of stuff we love hearing. Is that all the sordid details? Oh, yes game I screwed a coworker in the shower. Did I absolutely have to know that? Sorry. No harm done. Wait here, I’ll go. Support the Immigrants Not the ing Mercedes! Why’d you come? I wanna stay! Get going! Hi, Julie. I don’t give a shit about a night in jail! What do you think happens to them? They ship them home like cattle! It’s disgusting! And my dad drives me off in a Mercedes! They’d call me anyway. You’re a minor. So? Grandpa was when he joined the Resistance. At least he understands. He agrees. But all you care about is money. And the rest of the world! Give me a break. Give me a ing break! Who’s there when you’re up shit creek? Grandpa? He would have let me croak! Take it easy. You shut up! Where were you when Dad cut me off? Did you share your allowance? Did you defend me? No, you just blew me off! Enough! I’m sick of this morality shit!

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