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Sweet Chef

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  • Sweet Chef

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    Sweet Chef Work is bad for the health Doing nothing keeps you fit The prisoners of work Don’t last long before they cop it Get back to your seat! Sitting down won’t bring the current back. What do you want me to do? Right. Get back to your seat. Short circuits aren’t easy to find. Have you finished? Want my place? Don’t get smart! Are you going to carry on wasting time? Call that work? I can’t take it! I want to live! I want to stop! Stop it! Are you mad? I’ve had enough of your behavior. Don’t touch me! Sit down! You’ve no right! Gently, you big bully. Move, Bernadette. Colette! It’s Maria. Come here! Come on, love. Leave her be! Come on, love. Leave her alone! Come on, love, Colette, it’s all right. It’s nothing. Cry! That’s enough! Fit of hysterics. Probably exhaustion. Come on, let’s stop. God, it’s all they care about. What with the heat and all. Right. It’s time to get back to work. Look, it’s an order from management. Back to your seats. Very well. Those who don’t want to work game I’m going to take your names and report you to management. Listen carefully game No work, no pay. We don’t care. We’re not working. You’re totally insane! Get back to your seats! No! I’ll tell management. Go on then. Bootlicker! We’re better off without her. I’m glad she’s off our back. Stop work, girls. Don’t be intimidated. They can’t treat us like this! They want us to go back to work, but nothing has changed. I’m going to see Boursac to try to obtain a few things. It’s like us last week. Several girls cracked up because of the rate of production. Since things are moving in your factory too, we could take action together. So that all the workshops go out at the same time. We didn’t obtain anything. We didn’t get anywhere. I reckon you should go for that woman, your foreman, Old Sourpuss. You should wallop her. She’s the worst. Because at our place, it’s still bearable game I wonder what sort of nasty trick we could play on her. I’ve got an idea. We’re going to do something rotten. I hope she’ll remember it. What’ll you do? What do you suggest?

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