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Sweet Charming Princess

Sweet Charming Princess


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Sweet Charming Princess Description

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Sweet Charming Princess I’ll bathe in it. Tatiana, please! Be careful! Sorry. That’s our mother’s credenza. Excuse me, but it means a lot to us. Lucien, can you get me an ashtray, please? This chambermaid job is impossible. It’s out and out exploitation. Shitty hours, a shit job and a boss game He’s a dirty old man. Just because she has no papers and can’t defend herself. We absolutely must find a way to get her a work permit as soon as possible. I’m the wrong guy, Dad. I practice business law. I have nothing to do with immigration. You’re legally married, just go through the proper channels. Sorry, you can’t smoke in here. Why? The decree of November , : “It is illegal to smoke in the workplace.” Your son’s a good lawyer. He really knows the law. There’s a balcony over there. What do you want from me exactly, Dad? That immigration minister who’s always on TV game Weren’t you in college together? Gardier? Yeah, we took the bar together. Why? I’m just trying to foresee all possibilities. Gardier’s a reactionary. He’s as far right as it gets! I can’t stand him. How’s he a possibility? I don’t know game Give him a buzz. You want me to ask someone I detest for a favor? Would you do that? In your circles, you must run into a lot worse. My circles? I have clients, that’s all. That doesn’t mean game Who do you think I am, Dad? I thought you were more flexible. Even if you have such a poor opinion of me, you know how I was raised. Okay, okay, let’s drop it. I don’t want to bend anyone’s morals. But the girl’s a nervous wreck. If we don’t help her, she may go back to Moldova! And would that be a problem? You don’t understand a thing. Where is she? I’ll get her. Lucien’s ready to leave. Do you have a cigarette, Mrs. Delbard? Yes, sure. Thanks a lot. Simon! It’s so nice of you to come! But why here? Your son’s not going pro, is he? It’s his big game and he wanted to see Sorina. So it’s an occasion. You mean Dad’s coming to a soccer game? She’s wearing the tent! In your honor. There’s Grandpa! Julie? I’d love some. They’re off! Aren’t you cheering your son on?

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