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Sweet Balloon Girl

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  • Sweet Balloon Girl

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    Sweet Balloon Girl Description

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    And that’s what brought you up here? I thought the victim was the Inspector! The victim Game I won’t hear another word of this nonsense! It’s actually a Mr Edgar Bird, you clot! What would the Inspector bedoing hereanyway, eh? Well, you see Game He wanted to inspect a bit about the place, Sir. Wesuspected very strongly that Parker was lyingto us and that we Game Sh! Mr Parker is a highly esteemed citizen. Please remember that! Yes, Sir. Sir? Yes, what is it? A secret panel. Good heavens! Open it! Sorry, Susan. You could have saved yourself the trouble. And it wouldn’t have hurt a bit. Oh, Mother! Oh, get meout of here! Calm yourself, my dear. I know it was awful for you. Comealong, now. I’ll bring you away. Sir! What is it, man? Here’s our proof. The Inspector was right all along. Your honest Mr Parker! Look! In the last months there were exactly , pounds of contributions. Well, that’s quite big. Do you know where that money is now? Thedistribution isn’t for another days. No, it’s already been transferred Game to St. Mary’s Home. Well, what about it? Sir! This money’s been embezzled. They’reobviously turning it over Game to a contact man in the home. Ah! I see! Yes. Susan! Hopkins! Harvey! Send out an A.P. B to all railway stations, harbor stations and airports! With an exact description of Henry Parker, the usual thing. Harvey, my car! I’ve got to do everything myself. What a life! If I ever come back to lifeagain, I’m goingto bea criminal. It’s much morecomfortable that way. In days your littleswindle will have gone up in smoke. My compliments. I knew you’d get too dangerous for me. That’s why I have to remove this danger. Go on! Over there! And this is my assistant. We met years ago in South America. And weshall return there together, as man and wife. That was very good work, darling. Both of you have earned much worse than the gallows. Well? Parker! Do whatever you like to me, but let this young lady go! She has Game nothingto do with the wholeaffair! That’s just where you’re wrong. She’s Game heiress to the millions of Gordon Stuart.

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