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Sweet baby-sitting 4

Sweet baby-sitting 4


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Sweet baby-sitting 4 Description

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Sweet baby-sitting 4 Frosya, could you give me some garlic? This is Vladimir Chizhov. Could you do me a favor? Ask Frosya to call Fima in London and tell him to call Parmakov Game Don’t worry, daddy Daddy! Daddy! Look what that clown Pezhe has done to the planet! Patsaks are flashing their butts at us in broad daylight! Daddy, don’t look at all this! Earth is somewhere out there How long have we been stuck here on this Pluke? Fortyseven hours and twenty minutes I have a rehearsal in London in hours Uncle Vova Game Is it hard to get into show business? I don’t know How did you get into it? Paid half a ketse for it You poor thing Don’t worry, I won’t let anything bad happen to you anymore Good evening Is this for me? Thank you very much Do you want me to play? Well, you scared off the only music connoisseur on this planet FITYULKA Tolik, have you seen my wallet by any chance? No. Did you lose it? Must have fallen out No, it couldn’t have fallen out The pocket was zipped up Are you saying I took it? Here. See for yourself! Hi there Where’s your flying pigpen? Over there. We ran out of lutz It’s all your fault, jerk Think that I’m holding a tranklucator Hey! Turn around Uncle Tolik, don’t Game me! We’re both Patsaks We’re brothers! He’s a Chatlanian Game him instead. He made me do it! Uncle Tolik Game Don’t listen to him, Uncle Tolik! I love you like a son I swear by my lifeblood! Lies! He’s lying, Uncle Tolik! He said, hell with them. To hell with them” You can step on my face if you want to, buddy That can wait Now, raise the cage and step aside After you, Vladimir Well, you can sit on me, if you want to I’ll teach you how to play. It’s simple you grab the stick with your hand Game No, thank you. I’d rather be a chair Mama, mama, what are we to do when the freezing season comes? You don’t have a warm scarf I don’t have a warm coat Uncle Tolik, keep going, buddy! They like it They get it An ecilop! Well, humanoids, is there enough for a gravitsapa? No, buddy, you need a lot more than that Vladimir, keep your eyes on them. There are chatles there Pick about of these things.

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