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Super Vacation Time

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  • Super Vacation Time

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    Who? Willy’s wife. Didn’t you know? How should I have known? I barely knew the guy. She asked me first, but my lower back has been acting up. I can’t risk spraining it. Where’s Tuomas? He’s not coming. Not coming? I’m not coming. I told you so. I’m getting married tomorrow. It’s not that. He was asked to perform, just like at our wedding. But now he can’t do either because he’s lost his voice. -I have! Tuomas… Even Nippe is coming and Willy ed his wife with that enormous . -What? Just a figure of speech. You’ve been invited to a funeral, and you can’t refuse. Okay then. But I won’t sing. We’ll bring him back on time. I promise. Don’t worry. We’ll persuade him to sing. We’ll cheer him up. On our way to a funeral? Where are we? You’ve taken good care of your car. Mum washed it this morning. No wonder this seat is wet. Same here. Why didn’t you go to a car wash? Mum does it for free. Do you think Willy will be cremated or buried? He seared himself on a sauna stove as a kid. I bet he’ll be buried. Where did the nickname Willy come from? Guys? Guess what I brought along? Tuomas doesn’t want that right now. The record company said that this is the best inner sleeve ever. Check out these colours. A beautiful picture. What the ? Is this already on sale? Nice going, Antti. Hey… Okay. Give it to me. Let’s forget about this. What? Did it hit something? -No. Pull over. I can see the headlines. “Lilja’s album is even endangering traffic.” Antti will take care of this. Oh my… Hi. Or not. You and your shitty album! -This isn’t the album’s fault, but Antti’s! Oh my God. I’m going to die, and Jaana thinks I don’t love her. What’s going on? Bye. How did it go? -just fine. Did they let us go? Yeah. Sure. Antti Kulmala, ladies and gentlemen! Hats off! Well, what did you say to them? I told them it was an accident. Was that enough? No, it wasn’t. I know that those guys won’t settle for an apology. What did you promise them? Not my gig, I hope? Well… The thing is that… you need to act a little. Me? Act what? That you’re a war veteran from Afghanistan.

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