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Super Urban Princess

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  • Super Urban Princess

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    He is caught in the turmoils of the past. It is vague and indefinable. A bitter loneliness in his heart. He looks to the heavens and its uncontrollable certainties. A blessing that cannot be heard. A loneliness bound by love and hate. to trap you into becoming slaves willingly. The most powerful thing Women possess is here. Pussy power. Is it funny? With your pussy, you can lift a man to Heaven Games Or throw him into Hell. The world is changing fast. It’s time to bid farewell to the skinny Japanese samurai swords. Even the big British cannons have no more gunpowder. From now on, we have to target the Chinese businessmen, and their needles their tiny acupuncture needles. To achieve that, we must expand our arsenal of tricks. Today, the Queen of Striptease will share the ultimate female secret with you. Today I will teach you how to do the same to drive men mad with lust, and show them who is really in control. Sisters, are you ready to learn? Ready! What are you waiting for? Clothes off! And now, We train your muscle power! With what? Your pussy is your ultimate weapon. It can give men happiness. But We must also remind them of its lethal potential! Boss Lei! He never even used the keyhole! Shut up. My alluring Miss Orchid! You are very daring. You are the daring one. These girls are mine. You think you can steal them? Yours? You have a lot to learn about who belongs to whom. These girls are here to learn about themselves, that is none of your business. I’m not here to argue with you. All of you, leave with me! All of you, stay! Have you learnt nothing? I have shared my secrets With you, and now you want to leave With this bastard? Are you idiots? Boss Lei, These girls are stupid. They cannot decide for themselves. Since only you and I have the power, let’s talk. What do you have in mind? Get out, all of you. Dream on. Get out. Get out. Your Madame is in trouble now. Boss is famous! After he s a girl, she can’t walk for days. Who’s the boss? Bad girl. ! How long more will the boss take? Worried for your Madame?

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