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Super Today’s fashion

Super Today’s fashion


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She sleeps. Why does she sleep during the day? She sleeps at night, too. Forgive me, Nastenka, for hurting your feelings…! Please, forgive me! Ivanushka! Nastenka! lvanushka, how nice you are now! Am l really? Much nicer than you were. l’ve really changed! l used to be selfish… now l’m ready to do good deeds! No matter how tough! -What is it on your cheek? -What is there? lt looks like bear fur’s growing back! l’m just joking, lvanushka. Nastenka! Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Begone! Vanish! You cheats! You lazybones! What shall we do? Let’s try it! The other old men are stupid, but you’re the stupidest! To drag your own daughter to the forest! Just to amuse Grandfather Frost, or to feed a pack of wolves! But, I –! “But, I–! But, I–!” …I’ll be quiet!… l used to pull her by her braid, and then I got the whole day off! You’ve got no hair to speak of, nothing to get hold of! Owiee owiee owiee! lt’s all your fault that l hit my darling, you dolt! And if Nastka were here… They’re coming! They’re coming! This is my fiancee, lvanushka. l’ll explain, dear father. Jack Frost found me and welcomed me into his home. He betrothed me to Ivan… and gave me a rich dowry. Such previous gems! lsn’t the bridegroom handsome! Nastenka is a real princess! And Marfoushka looks like a bag of potatoes! Get out of here! And never come back! l’ll show you a bag of potatoes! l’ll teach you a lesson! Calm down, my dear, calm down! l want a fiancee! l want precious stones! I want, I want, I want!! So, as Marfoushka demanded, and on the old woman’s orders, the old man took Marfoushka deep into the forest and left her under a tall fir tree. Are you warm, dear girl? You’re nuts. You’re nuts, old timer. Can’t you see that my hands and feet are frozen? What is this strange creature…? Aren’t you warm, dear girl? Even a little, pretty girl? I want a husband! And a dowry, too! A really BIG dowry! Hand them over! Sleep, oh bears, in your lairs, spend a quiet night. Spend a quiet night! The fox lies low beneath the snow. ln the tree sits the nest of the crow. But the bandit’s lair isn’t anywhere. We’re all cold! We’re hungry, too! Stop singing…! Take your positions! Whoever comes… rob them! Hey… look! Welcome, Baba Yaga! Howdy, y’all! She’s a real spring chicken! Oh. everyone has an opinion… even bandits! Now, how would you like…? What? Two tubs of gold nuggets, six pails of sterling ingots, and all the copper l’ve got for a piece-of-cake job. All right! Copper will do for them, and the leader gets the gold AFTER you do your job! Aw, don’t you trust us? Don’t you trust me to trust you?! Quiet now! Quiet, I’m listening…! All right, you scoundrels, here comes your easy money! Coming through on a troika will be lvan and his bride. (Oh, they make me sick!) Them you must capture, and them you must torture! Got it? Got it! Take your positions! Ivanushka! Hold on, Nastenka! We do good work, don’t we? Ivanushka! Where’s our gold? Just hold on! Robbing an old lady, you… you villain! Surrender, lvan! Or your wife will sit on the shovel!

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