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Super The principal clothing

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  • Super The principal clothing

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    Ye Won, Congratulations on your marriage.” “You will go on your honeymoon right now.” It’s their last mission card. What could be written on their last mission card? I get a mission card? What kind of mission could it be? I can’t believe this. What’s written on it? Are they starting over again? “Ye Won, you are now single again.” “It was the place you and Min Seok wanted to go for your honeymoon.” What is it? My goodness. Gosh, what is this? She starts to cry again. Why are you doing this to me? What is it? What is it? What is the mission that made Ye Won cry? “It was the place you wanted to for your honeymoon.” “This is a ticket to Hawaii.” Tell me wherever you want to go. Really? Hawaii? Let’s go to Hawaii. We should go to Hawaii. She is greatly overwhelmed. What? “This ticket is valid only when both of you use it together.” I can’t believe this. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Give me a second. Their plane tickets are valid for days from now. So we can go to Hawaii game just by ourselves? Use the ticket. I hope they will go to Hawaii. I really do. I can’t believe this. I cried so much at the end. I am embarrassed. Thank you so much. I will discuss it with him. I will discuss it with him. Thank you. Thank you for everything. What will they choose? Oh, my. Leaving a lot of thoughts behind game Can I just leave now? Min Seok and Ye Won open the door game to what could become a new beginning. I hope they will decide to go. Me too. Please pretend like you didn’t see them, even if you do in Hawaii. I think it will be more fun to see them after their trip to Hawaii. Exactly. Can we see them together again? I hope so. Thank you so much. We had lots of fun because of you. That’s right. Please give it up for them. You looked great together. Please be happy. You made us happy, too. Hello. Hello. We want to make some cupcakes and cookies. In , , . It’s Si-So’s first cooking class. It’s not hot. Try it. Isn’t it good? It has a burnt smell. Is it supposed to smell like this? Doesn’t it have a burnt smell?

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