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Super The colors of the spring

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  • Super The colors of the spring

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    Super The colors of the spring Description

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    Worrisome. And you’re right, we haven’t met any babes since the hot tub party. Do you think they were just using us? They’re just snaps, like before. I thought we’d, you know, get girls. Wait a minute. Genius kicking in? Kicked in! We need to start thinkin’ like a big box store. That’s kind of what I was thinking, too. Big box. How? We need volume. That’s what we’ve been missing. The hot tub party? That was small time. Meager. Suppose we throw a really big meet the judges party? I’m talkin’ big. I like it. I like it a lot. But this time we control costs. We charge them $ at the door! Yes! Money coming in! We meet them in person, and they’ll like us because they have to! Exactly. Oh! I’m a genius. Selfie coming in. Yup. Oh! Please, just stop it. Whew! What a babe. Any more of her? Hmm? Maybe. There. Ooh, yes. Best of breed. Invite her. Sorry about the interruption. Rhino board of directors asked me to personally see what all these selfies are about. sites up and running around the globe. Well, let’s see a few. Hmm. She’s beautiful. So how’s that going? $,. Two days. Gold mine. You got to know them Japanese love their selfies. An unbelievable $, in just two days. Well, we all love selfies. I know I do. I… I’m wondering how much do the Danes like their selfies? Not as much as the Japanese, but, hey, it’s a smaller country. $, in hours. Well, per capita that’s… That’s pretty damn good. And our liability in each of these countries? The… the prize money? Nothin’. Nothing? Yep. How can that be? Nice little contract we have. The boys are covering the $, grand prize. We have all the international rights, as in all the international income. Genius, geni… Ah, say, are there any other selfies? Oh. My personal favorite, Brazil. It’s like them Brazilian babes were just made for selfies. I couldn’t agree more. I’m going to need .Jpegs of all of these. Hi-rez only. For the files, you understand. Oh. Oh, yes. Oh. Oh. Ooh, ooh, ooh. Selfies italiano per favore. Here you go. Ahh! Holy cannoli. I’d like to smear some ricotta cheese on her tasty little rump.

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