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Super Tech Savvy Beautiful

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    Nice to hold When I’m tired There’s a ghost on the horizon When I go to bed How can I fall asleep tonight? How will I rest my head? Oh, I’m scared of the middle place Between light and nowhere I don’t want to be the one Left in there, left in there There’s a man on the horizon Wish that I’d go to bed If I fall to his feet tonight Will allow rest my head BOTH: So here’s hoping I will not drown Or paralyse in the light And godsend I don’t want to go To the sea’s watershed Hope there’s someone Who’ll take care of me When I die, will I go? Hope there’s someone Who’ll set my heart free Nice to hold When I’m Tired. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Wow! Chloe and Alaric! Oh, my goodness! I had goose bumps all over my body. You guys have such a lovely relationship, and I think that really came out during your performance. Chloe is amazing. It’s an honour to be on the stage with her. Thank you. You’re so sweet. Look at you! Sorry. It was amazing. It was absolutely amazing. Alaric, you were fantastic. I just don’t want game I just don’t want either of us to go. Can we just come as a duo? They’re quite a phenomenal duo. Ricky, it’s going to be tricky. Yeah. Oh, God, yeah. I’m going to let you dry your eyes, and we’ll go to Paloma. Paloma, what did you think of the battle? I thought that was, like, a really precious, special moment. Thank you both for bringing it here, cos it was really moving. Thank you, Paloma. Antony Hegarty, who wrote the song, is a really good friend of mine. The song is really special to me, it’s just beautiful. What was nice was that, Alaric, you stepped out of your comfort zone. What it showed is you’re capable of other genres, you know, cos when you first came, it was very theatrical, operatic, so it was beautiful to hear that. Chloe, you’re amazing. You’re , your audition was off the charts, I was gutted I didn’t get you. Thank you so much. I just think, you know, I love the way you dress, I love everything about you. You’re just so cool. Thank you, George. Thank you. Ricky? Em, I think there’s something

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