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Super Synchro Sisters

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  • Super Synchro Sisters

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    Super Synchro Sisters Description

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    I don’t know what to do. There’s nothing for you to do. Why do you people always feel like you have to do something? This world isn’t for you to understand, nor am I. All you need to understand is that when the red moon comes, I’m not gonna be this shell that you see, I’m gonna be who I really am. My true self, Chase. You can spend your whole life chasing shadows. Something you’ll never fully comprehend. I have people after me, people who wanna see me bleed. You can decide. I have decided. To give everybody what they want. No, you can decide what you wanna be. You can choose. Love. Silly. You’re just a silly boy. You don’t know a thing about me, you don’t even know yourself. Just do everybody a favor and leave. I’m not a good person, Chase. This, this is living, my friend. This is living. Let’s go play some games that are rigged, or what! Let’s do it, man. I love this, man. You know, I know we haven’t talked much, but the whole point of this is to pick up hot girls, play games, and have fun, you know? There’s a lot on my mind. Man, that’s why I’m here, dude. We’re reliving our childhood dreams of winning a unicorn. Eating funnel cakes and having good ol’ fashioned fun, you know, that’s just what it’s, oh my God, is that the Mind Twister? I told myself when I came back I was gonna conquer that, and we’re gonna do that today, okay? So what do you say, let’s go ride that. Let’s go! Let’s go, buddy! You made me cry once, you bastard. But not today. I’m gonna ride you without throwing up today! Yeah! Yeah! Oh no, man, not again! Not a word, Chase. Damn you, Mind Twister. I’m gonna beat you someday, man. Someday. Could that be Sin? Like the new look? You’ve gone mad, Sin would never give you power. Let’s move! What were you doing here? Gotcha! Now the fun starts. Where am I? You’re in the woods, what does it look like? Fair enough. Where’s Dawn? Chase, better run along like a good boy and let the adults talk. Dawn is waiting nearby. And if I were you, I would hurry before the full moon comes. What have you done to her?

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