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Super Sweet Berry

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  • Super Sweet Berry

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    Has he picked them up? Go with Barrios to the post office, and watch out. Good, boss. This time a kidnapping will be better. Another death would make much noise and we would compromise the general. Only if he wants to escape then there is no other choice Games you clear him out. They want to kill you like they did Ruelas. And yet I have to go to the post office to retrieve the documents. The bread and hunger of thousands of workers, depend on those. And could we know why? You can know it. You are trustworthy. How do you know I still am? It’s been so long Games I am not mistaken, Ignacio. I could not be mistaken. We were school partners for many years, the three of us. And never, under any circumstance, did you betray me nor did I betray you. However, it was I who married Julieta, and you felt betrayed. I don’t know why. You were telling me about the documents.. What are they? nothing less than the irrefutable proof against governor Vidal, about the selling of our strike to a foreign enterprise. And it is not about a single case of local politics, but about a case of national trascendence. Do you understand what it means, right now, that someone sold the strike to a foreign enterprise? Yes, I understand. The envelope contains orders of what I must do with the documents. Of what I must do tomorrow morning when I take the south train. Do you understand the urgency? I will fetch the documents. What are you saying, Julieta? You? Why would you? Because if Octavio goes they will murder him. The spies don’t know me. They don’t know you either, but since Games Stop, Julieta! I will get the envelope. On my way to the journal, I will fetch it. Are we having dinner? Not yet. I’ll let you know. Do your homework, Juanito. Yes. I don’t like you leaving it for the last minute. You don’t have to go. Even if you wouldn’t raise suspicions, I can’t mix you in all this. Give me the key. What’s the number . Ignacio Games What do I say to the landlord when he comes for the money? You know I don’t have any money. This makes four debts.

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