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Super Summer Princess

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  • Super Summer Princess

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    And unadulterated power gets us money, which gets us our condo, which gets us our ultimate goal… Babes! What can our u.S.P. Be? Don’t know. I don’t either. We got… I’m gonna stand, and I’m gonna… I’m gonna… Just work it out. Oxygen going to the brain. Working. Got it. Here we go. I got this. Okay. You’re gonna love it. Okay. -That’s all you’re gonna want to do. I like it. I like it a lot. Okay, I’ll save that for later. Um, what I… Okay, okay. Do you think the press release will work? How do we get the million dollars? What are you? An idiot? Wha… from the submitted selfies. That’s always been our u.S.P., a bigger cash prize. I mean, we just didn’t know it. Yeah, it’s been hiding in the recesses of your mind. Would a billion dollars be better? That’s like a super take ’em to the wall u.S.P. What are you thinking? Do the math. A billion-dollar prize would mean that every babe on the planet would have to submit, and, obviously, every babe on the planet doesn’t take selfies. I beg to disagree. Oh! Dad! Whoa. So that’s what a real man looks like? What are you doing? I thought you didn’t like it. Well, this is my house. You should knock. I live here. I don’t knock. Well, a knock every once in awhile would be appreciated. Breaking news. This just in, a alarm fire has… Thank you. K-dik, the leader of breaking news, breaks into breaking news with major breaking news. Our two local boys, chub Moorhead and bone Casper of “selfie shootout” fame, have just announced an increased prize of one million dollars. I can barely believe it. The best selfie is in line to become a millionaire. In addition, our local entrepreneurs have announced a reduction in the submission fee to just five dollars. If I’m not mistaken, that’s a $ savings. Well, in the great American tradition… More for less. I got to wonder if that’s really a smart move. Back to breaking news, FBI agent Zoey Miller, who broke the congressman Moorhead pay for play scandal wide open resigned today citing personal reasons. Did the genius kick in? Or did the genius kick?

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