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Super Star Rihanna Celebrity Makeover

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  • Super Star Rihanna Celebrity Makeover

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    Super Star Rihanna Celebrity Makeover Description

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    Super Star Rihanna Celebrity Makeover But for the time being, the boss was forced to meet your immediate demands. What about the fired girls? The workers game workers with over years’ service will obtain a .% rise. The workers game with to years’ service will obtain .%. What about us? The others will obtain a .% rise. In putting these results to you game we salute your unity game He’s a good talker! At this stage of the workers’ struggle, and despite the provocation and the attempts game and the attempts made to divide you game Occupation! For the fired workers game we have obtained two months’ notice. It is essential we remain on the right side of the law. Management refuses to negotiate unless you go back to work. So you have to go back to work. All together, as a united front. No! Comrades, listen to me. We can’t let ourselves be had. They’ve exploited us! We demand the two girls be rehired game And production reduced. Let’s occupy the factory! NO DISMISSALS. OCCUPIED FACTORY! Flunkeys out! It’s all sculpted. I don’t even have a wardrobe. Look at this! Hey girls, come see what I found. It’s Sourpuss’s notebook. The bitch! Is my name in it? The names are in red. She’s written all the names in red! And added her remarks! Look at it. All our names are in there. And our mates’ names too. She’ll have a hard time when I catch her. She’ll get another bag of flour. We’ll tell our mates. The bitch has noted everything. Hey, look at that! This is what interests me. She’s had a right field day! It doesn’t surprise me! You can tell she’s a cow. What a bitch! What’s in there, do you reckon? Take a look. Have you seen this? What? “We would like to inform you that the price of fabric has changed.” They increased the price of fabric, but they gave us bugger all. What a load of swindlers! We’re going to ransack his office. If you don’t know where to eat, here’s an invitation. It’s all right for some! Here, there are two, four, six, eight game Aren’t you afraid? You’re only women. It’s going to be tough. Afraid of what? There are lots of us, we’re united. What if they try to evict you?

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