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Super Sister Care

Super Sister Care


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Super Sister Care Description

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I’m listening. All right. So then listen. And like I said game You go for your pickup. You got cash on you. After you grip your package, one route. There’s no stops, there’s no in-betweens. Ain’t no go see your girl or go see your mans. One route to the drop-off. A’ight. Nah. It ain’t “a’ight.” It’s one route. I’m not saying I’m, like game Come with me. That’s my son Sincere. Come. Come. Quick. Come here. Putt-Putt. Come here. They’re not game They’re not sharing. They’re not sharing? Yes. Okay. What is that, a boo-boo? Let me see. Okay, listen. I need you to do me a favor. Look at me. Look at me. I need you to do me a favor. Daddy’s doing business right now. Can you stay outside for a little bit for me, please? Yes. And I’ll come get you? Yes. It’s a deal? Yes. Can I have a hug? Don’t gimme that cheap stuff. Give me the real stuff. Go ahead, fat butt. And I’ll be outside in a minute, all right? Okay? Yeah. I ain’t trying to be in this forever, man. I got my family to really provide for. They depend on me. But bottom line, everything I do is for my family. And there are certain changes in place right now for my family. Take it down to brown tacks, it’s like game I don’t touch a package. I got kids. Four of ’em. It ain’t for me, you know? Like game Especially when I think about Sincere, you know, like game The doctors diagnosed him as being “autistic.” I think my son is perfect. He’s just different from all other kids out there. Because he chooses not to maintain eye contact with a stranger game My son is perfect. Come on, Zoe. Get down. Come on. So I’m gonna let you try, but don’t up. Do a run and see what happens. I got this, man. Ain’t no sympathy in this . It’s real. She looks like the quiet one. Tequila maybe. Enjoy yourself, baby. Take it. Have a sample. You always got some new . That’s called Barack Obama. And this is Michelle Obama. Together, I call it Health Care. All right. See me at the end of the night. Swing back. You keep the sample. Yeah? What’s up, guys? ID’s? Both of you? Yeah. That’s me. Lucky .

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