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Super Sakura Moviestar

Super Sakura Moviestar


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Super Sakura Moviestar Description

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I do not want a comb! Right then. I’ll, um Games put the kettle on. Sorry, Mum. Oh, come and sit down, dear. Lovely to see you. And you too, Jane. Jean, Mum. I thought you’d like Games Oh, thank you, dear. Whatever is it? It’s a bottle of wine, Mum. Wine! Oh, dear. I don’t know Games Got a corkscrew anywhere? Wine! Oh, dear. It’s all right, Mum. It won’t explode. I don’t like bangs. Oh! Bye, Mum. Bye, Dad. Cheerio, son. I do wish you’d get a nice car, dear. A van is cheaper, Mum. No purchase tax! But a car is so much nicer. Bye! She was a nice kid, wasn’t she? She didn’t say much. She’s shy. Very shy. Like you, sweetheart. Hair all over the shop. Too tall. She can’t help that, dear. She’s all legs. Never mind her legs, Ernest. She needs a perm and he needs a good haircut. Oh, no. He says they’re going to get married in a registry office. Well, that’s the modern way, Ette. Oh, it’s horrible. Yes, but neither of them is religious. I don’t want him to be religious, I just want him to get married in a church! It’s so much nicer. And when are you going to start a family, dear? Well, I don’t know, really, Mum. Probably not at all. Goodness me, why ever not? I want to be a granny. Well, Jean’s got problems, Mum. Brain trouble. Brain trouble? Yeah. Well, that’s what I call it, as a sort of joke. She goes in and out of the loony bin. You mean she’s Games She’s mental? Yeah, well, that’s one word for it. The other word is schizophrenia. Oh, dear. Poor thing. So, I won’t be a granny after all. Never mind, Mum. What a dump. “Dump”?! Mum, the Government has designated this an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. An AONB Games it’s official. Well, I still say it’s a dump. The South Downs are at the end of the garden. I give up, I give up. Son, it’s the sort of place I always dreamed about. I know, Dad. I know. They seem very happy down there, despite the schizo business. Yes, I suppose so. I was hoping he’d send his washing home. Oh, Et, don’t be daft. He’s married! Yes, I know. What’s that? My retirement certificate. years’ service with the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society.

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