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Super Romantic Garden

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  • Super Romantic Garden

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    ‘s Awake. You might see a blur. It’s just your depth perception trying calibrated, okay? Follow me as I walk, okay? Stand. According . Good. Now, you can focus being here? Yes? Yes Bury you Games It is like burying a treasure. Not really understand what Akan think because Games Henry, stop playing. You’re almost there, buddy. This is where you must go. Hasten. ‘s Me, Jimmy. Walking. Shit. These pigs are here again. Do not put at risk my lab. Let go. Baby, Bowing reflect is psychological. It is only in your head. Henry, no. I’m telling you Games shit. Go. Good job Charlie Bronson. Bravo -. Lights. Plays the video. Dawn twilight Games an era of cyborgs. Thank you, sir. I made lobotomy to all the essentials Nonessentials for a soldier. Personal Recollections, speech, taste , I removed everything. You may still be a problem with emotional motivation, which Games Motivation? What do you think your damned salary, James? My salary Games Yes, okay. What the hell, James? I’m sorry, sir. I am so sorry. Hell, open the door. Please open the door. We have a fault. Let me out, please. I’ll fix it. I doubt it. Damn idiot. You know Jimmy? there is something about breaking a bad back Games That never gets old. It sounds like Games The end, the beginning. Or the same? Sit Henry. When a man is disabled, all have the same question in mind, Especially in his. Does the works? Mine did not, so I planned my escape of this chair. I came to Russia when in the West, Banned resuscitation of dead tissue. Akan is a megatómano, but my research had funds. He looks at the Nobel Prize. Who has time for ethics revolting when you’re rich and your work? I paid a high price. I stopped doing soldiers and then I succeeded. Cultivé cyber-skin men. Mainly, are only sophisticated prostheses But do not you dare tell Games My avatars! Now, cyborgs on the other side have pieces and a brain. Think for themselves, at least in theory . Do you take a look? That hippie, always smoking weed. NEW DEPOSIT LINKED You’re not drugged, right? I hope not. Good.

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