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    My name is Chandramukhi I am daughter in law of your Amuulamma. We both even got engaged. How and when? Grandpa, your grandson will explain all that in detail. We will first fresh up and come. Hey, is anybody there? Hey Kishtappa Sir Take all and show their roomsOk sir Kistappa..Is there AC in the room You came so far by just calling you and took so many risks. You finally got into the engagement without your liking All this is because of me. I am really sorry Chai It is ok, let us go. Son, Who are those girls? What is engagement happening?What exactly happened? Grandpa, Meera came to Europe I am in love. He is Siddarth. I am not worrying about me, but about my family I will somehow bring Meera to Ramannapet Which place do you belong to? His head is to be cut for attempting that crime No..Stop. My son in law You are trying to get the girl you liked to whom she liked But, can you be happy without Meera? First love is not a diminishing lamp, but a fire. It keeps on till the last breathe. You too have a good heart like your mom. Your thought to make love of Meera win will make your love win. Hello! Brother, you loved me more than your life. But you could not understand my love. Chai though loving me has fought a warto make my love win. He took many troubles. Love of such a person should not lose, it should win. Thus I wish to marry Chai. You are mom, dad and everything to me brother. Thus I called to say you this. Now I understood what is to win love with love. I may have come first into your life,but never was in front for you. Chai wanted to make your love win and you wanted to make his love win. Truly made for each other! I may not be able to live with you. But will live in pride to be having a friend like you. Thank you Siddu, Thank you so much. You understood me. Come on, have you said this matter with Chai? No. I will say tomorrow after the competitions All the best Thanks. Bhogi tearing the darkness surrounding apart The happiness dancing in the front door now Anger in the hearts burning in the fire This

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