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Super Rainy Fall Time

Super Rainy Fall Time


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Super Rainy Fall Time Description

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you will not give food or what. Will you keep hungry on your birthday? Ok then come early. Here I am alone and I am feeling something odd. Then let’s solve your problem by making some arrangements. I will ring you up on each and every step. Got it Games bye, see you soon. Ok baby, we go. Now I am leading towards the car. I have opened the door of the car and I am in the car. Now I am going out of the gate Shut up, I can see you. Then wife, we will keep talking for the next half Games an hour until I don’t return. Help Games is any one there Games any body there Games help Games help Games help me please. Listen wife I will ring you Games after two minutes. Help Games is anyone there Games help Games get me out of here. Reetu, oh God, shit. Reetu Games Reetu what is Games Aryan has tied me here. Aryan, Aryan is here? He has gone to your home to kill Janhvi. What? Believe me he is going to kill her. Are you sure? He will kill her? Yes sweetheart. He will kill that . He was leaving the city but I stopped him. I told him that Janhvi can never be his in this life. I think I provoked him enough. That’s my girl. Why you left me with that mad. He has hit me so much. If I would have not left you with him, how he would have reached here. Now Janhvi’s company of crores and Games insurance policy of crores all are mine. Ours. No, mine. You have Games I have? You have been killed by Aryan. Isn’t it. Why don’t you wear seatbelt sweetheart? Don’t you know it’s dangerous. You have chosen the wrong patient Doctor. First, I got doubt when Reetu saved me Games and brought me here. No one knew that I am leaving this city. Then how Reetu came to know about it. Maybe she was following me. Second, doubt I got when you forgave Janhvi. So easily God also does not forgive. But I thought that you are great. You might do. But in Reetu’s house while I was searching for first aid box I found the photograph of the lady whom Games I saw on Janhvi’s mobile. Hey Reetu where are you? Don’t tell me I will have to again meet your Doctor friend.

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