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Super Rabbit Girls

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  • Super Rabbit Girls

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    It’s not as simple as that, is it? But it will be. it just takes time. Your hands are slipping down my arse. Sorry. Old habit. Everybody knew they were doing it. Nobody told me. It’s rough. I’ll admit it’s rough. I was really traditional about the whole “don’t sleep around when you’re married” thing. Hands-arse. That’s right. I bet you proposed on the top of a Tuscan hill. Cephalonian, actually. Spent a year planning your big day. Twenty grand, all in? Bit more. Let’s not forget the ring. It was four grand. And we had to get it resized because she got awfully thin. You spent £, on a party and some jewellery? It was a grand gesture. What’s the point of life if you’re not up for stuff like that? A grand gesture that amounted to nothing. Hands-arse. God, you’re such a ing cynic. And you’re such a ing romantic. You put so much emphasis on that one day and forget about the rest of your life. What’s wrong with having a big day? Look at your parents. I bet they had a party and guests and a wishing tree. Six guests. Local registry office. Drinks at the pub afterwards. They decided it was more important to concentrate on the promises they were making. Don’t you think that’s what I wanted? When you get married, you make a promise you can’t keep, but, by God, I was gonna try, and I’ll never regret that. Which is more than you can say, sat up there on your single perch with all your judgements. Why-y-y-y-y don’t you use it Try-y-y-y-y not to bruise it Buy-y-y-y-y time, don’t lose it They’re not judgements, they’re theories. Very different things. Whatever. The reflex is an only child Just waiting by the park The reflex is in charge of finding Treasure in the dark And watching over lucky clover Isn’t that bizarre? Every little thing the reflex does Leaves you answered with a question mark You know your problem, Nancy? What? You spend your entire time on the sidelines theorising about what works, but never putting yourself out there. You never take chances. I think my actions today could be considered quite “chancy”

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