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Super Prom Princess

Super Prom Princess


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Super Prom Princess Description

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We live in a country where politics drags everything along, and in a time where a chauffeur, earns more than a teacher. You say that to me as a scold. Maybe. I will buy bread. To what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you here? Hear these news first. of bisquets and a bread with butter. of bisquets by me. There he is. Who? Didn’t you say you were being chased? Yes, I know everything. That man followed me to the chinese café, and it is very likely he comes here. Hide over here. You hide too. Over there. Good evening. What can I do for you? It’s an inspection we are running. I’m an employee of “Controlling light and motors”. The time of my visit, I guess, is not very welcome Games Not welcome at all! But, precisely, we were ordered to run the inspection, at an unusual hour Do you understand? Do you only have that lightbulb? Yes. Excuse me. No lightbulb here? No. Kitchen over here? Yes. Not a lightbulb here either? No. In the attic? No! There isn’t one. I’m sorry, but I will need for you to tell me who you are. You might say I’m untrust but Games You are right to do so. If I didn’t give you my ID at the entrance, it was out of distraction. I do this every day, and no one has asked for my ID. Sometimes I’m even bothered thinking everyone reads in my face that I’m a light inspector But, if you want to see it Games No, that’s all right. So you can calm down. Over here, the bedroom? Yes. Is there a light in the bathroom? No, sir. Your name, gentleman? Ignacio Elizalde. The writer? Yes. My woman tells me your last novel is quite entertaining. I shall tell her I met you, personally. Don’t mind me if I observe you, it’s so I can describe better. I’m sure she pictures you very differently. You know how women are. They mistake novelists for the characters in their novels. They’re never content with reality. Have a pleasant evening, Mr. Elizalde. Perfect spy. Say! He’s hiding in the attic of Nº, in the neighborhod of Callejón de Flores. Only one in the street, on the corner of a chinese café. What about the documents?

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