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Super Princess Fairy

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  • Super Princess Fairy

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    an honest man has nothing to fear. So I’m trying my best not to be afraid. I’m sorry I ran away, but you don’t have to worry. I’m gonna get it all back now, Daddy. I promise. I’m going to get it all back. APPROVING MURMUR GIRL: Are you a real live pilot? I sure am, little lady. What’s your name? Celine. Celine, it’s a pleasure to meet you. It’s a pleasure to meet you, too. That’s fifty, seventy eighty, ninety, one hundred dollars. You have yourself a great time in Paris. I always do. Excuse me. I’m John Modiger. I manage this branch. I want to thank you for coming in and using our institution. Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, John. I’ll be back again. Good. Have you stayed with us before? Uh, no, I’ve been primarily based on the West Coast. Is it all right if I write you a check for the room? No problem, sir. Great. Uh game I was also wondering if I could write you a personal check? For airline personnel, we cash personal checks up to $. Payroll checks we cash up to $. Did you say $ for a payroll check? TYPEWRITER KEYS CLACKING FRANK: Dear Dad, I’ve decided to become a pilot for Pan American Airways game the most trusted name in the skies. They’ve accepted me into their training program and told me that if I work hard. I should earn my wings real soon. Please get in touch with Joanna Carlton from the tenth grade. Tell her I’m sorry that I could not take her to the Junior Prom. Love, your son, Frank. Hello, how are you? Fine, thank you. I have a payroll check here I’d like to cash. Certainly. Thank you. Uh, excuse me. I’m sure you hear this all the time but you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Yeah, I do get that all the time. NERVOUS LAUGH How would you like it? Oh, I’m sorry, sir. We won’t have any cash until the banks open in an hour but, uh, I’m sure they can cash your check at the airport. The airport? Who cashes checks at the airport? Well, the airlines, sir. They’ve always taken care of their own. JET PASSING OVERHEAD INDISTINCT FLIGHT ANNOUNCEMENT OVER P.A. Hello. Hi.

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