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Super Precious Daughter IV

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  • Super Precious Daughter IV

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    Super Precious Daughter IV Description

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    battle, for Team Will is game AUDIENCE SHOUT Shh! Let me say it. LAUGHTER HIGH-PITCHED IMITATION How come they can’t say, like, a different tone? Like game MIMICS IN DEEP VOICE DEEP VOICES SHOUT BACK LAUGHTER OK. OK. Here we go. And the winner of today’s battle is game ..Lydia! APPLAUSE Lydia! Congratulations. Well done, mate. You are through to the Knockouts. How are you feeling? I can’t believe it. I’m so happy, honestly. Thank you so much. Thank you. Well done, Lydia. You are still on Team Will. One more time for Lydia! CHEERING You were awesome. Thank you. CHEERING OK, Irene, there could be a second chance on the way. What would it mean for you to stay in the competition? From the age of five, I’ve been singing. I sing from my heart. I work from my heart. If you want me to stay, I would love to stay. OK, brace yourself, as your future now lies with the coaches. AUDIENCE SHOUTS OUT Irene, you are now available for a steal. AUDIENCE SHOUTS OUT Steal her! Three, two game One! Ah, no! AUDIENCE GROANS Irene, I’m so sorry. APPLAUSE You haven’t been stolen. Have you had a great time on the show? I’ve had an absolutely amazing time. Thank you. Bless you. One more time for Irene, everybody. APPLAUSE DROWNS SPEECH Well done. CHEERING Irene did a great job. I wish the three coaches had stolen her. I don’t know why they didn’t, but Lydia was a smasher. She smashed it. Wow. That was unexpected, you know? You know, watching it on the TV and then seeing it in real life, it’s kind of game yeah. It’s exciting, isn’t it? It’s really exciting. Really exciting. And these people are good enough to get to here. Oh, yeah. The standard is that high. It’s kind of great. It’s incredible. And we’re watching everything. Yeah. It’s not like you turn round and you watch a bit of it. It’s a total different performance. Yeah, yeah. You get to know them. OK, then. We’re spinning round. All right. Are you lot enjoying yourselves? ALL: Yeah. It’s marvellous, isn’t it? Woo! LAUGHTER Love you, Paloma! Thank you! OK, the next battle

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