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Super Picnic time

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  • Super Picnic time

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    a kettle Pretty copper kettle Games I’m nearly finished. No, you’re completely finished. If I hear the word “kettle” one more time, I’m gonna find one and shove it up your arse. Sideways. Mm Games Sorry. I think some Fuller’s earth through your hair and grease. God. Fuller’s earth? But I would like to make your eyebrows really unruly, you know, so that they’re sticking out in different directions. Different directions? What, you– And then Games I’d rather have four honest words than pages of bilge. Now, you play Rose Games No, I play Rose. And I play Lily. This script is the best thing I have read in a month of Sundays. Don’t you think? Well Games Wyndham Best. I play Johnnie. Johnnie? The soldier. Ah. Or the hero, if you will. Games a documentary about the Clydeside dockers. Right. Who have we got here? Ah, Alex, mind if I join you? Documentary makers and authenticity. The rancid curds. Buckley, just hide me, hide me. What? Uncle Frank. Mr. Hilliard. You knew he was gonna be here. Yes, but I didn’t expect to be.

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