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Super Ornate Girl

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    Are you deadheading? What? Are you my deadhead to Miami? Mi game ? Yes, yes. LAUGHS Yeah, I’m the deadhead. Here you go. You’re a little late, but the jump seat is open. CHUCKLING You know it’s been awhile since I’ve done this. Which one’s the jump seat again? BOTH LAUGHING Have a nice flight. Are you my deadhead? STEWARDESS: Frank, Captain Oliver. Hello. John Larkin, the copilot. Fred Tulley, flight engineer. Frank Taylor, Pan Am. Thanks for giving me a lift, boys. Go ahead and take a seat, Frank. We’re about to push. What kind of equipment you on, DC-? Uh, . You turning around on the redeye? Uh, I’m jumping puddles for the next few months trying to earn my keep running leapfrogs for the weak and weary. No shame in that. We all did it. Have a seat. Thank you. Would you like a drink after takeoff? M-Milk? OLIVER: knots. LARKIN: Check. V-one. Rotate. JET ENGINES ROARING V-two. Positive rate. Gear up. FRANK: Dear Dad, Today was graduation. I am now a copilot earning $, a month plus benefits and the best part is they tell me my family can fly for free. So tell Mom to pack her bags and buy a new swimsuit because I’m taking us all to Hawaii for Christmas. I love you, Dad. Aloha, Frank. Hello, deadhead. Hello. Enjoying your free ride? Marci game did you drop this? Must’ve slipped right off your neck. No game CHUCKLING GIGGLING No! No game MARCI: Yes, yes, yes, yes! FRANK MOANS PASSIONATELY Yes! CLANKING AND CLATTERING MARCI PANTING Why are you stopping? I want to tell you something, Marci. This is by far game the best date I have ever been on. LAUGHING WOMAN: I’d like to open a Money Market, please. Okay. Welcome to Miami Mutual Bank. How may I help you? My name is Frank Taylor. I’m a copilot for Pan Am. I’d like to cash this check here, and then I’d like to take you out for a steak dinner. LAUGHING TELLER GIGGLING And then we feed the checks into the MICR machine which uses special ink to encode the account numbers on the bottom of the checks. And where are these numbers? They’re, um game

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