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Super Office Time 4

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  • Super Office Time 4

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    comes from the sensational Team Paloma. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING How are you feeling, girl? Just enjoy it. Really enjoy it. My first pairing is going to be game Dwaine game APPLAUSE ..and you’re going to be singing with game Aliesha. This is the part where game What I love most about Aliesha is that there is something very pure and clear about her. CHEERING How did you end up on here? I’m not too sure. Er game I don’t game I’m sorry. Something has to game I think Dwaine’s very comfortable in his own skin. I could hear it in the blind audition. Do you know how to sing like your dad? Don’t know why I didn’t come. Hello. How are you feeling? I picked Kiss Me by Olly Murs because I think it’s a really brilliant pop song. Take it high with you game Aliesha’s young and she’s quite poppy and I didn’t want to throw her in the deep end. How you can be my lady game Dwaine’s a super-versatile singer and can adapt to anything anyway. Kiss me like you mean it game Sounds good. Lovely. How do you feel? Dwaine was absolutely brilliant. Aliesha seemed very quiet. It’s all very new to her. I think it’d be nice just to sing in each other’s bits as well sometimes, boost each other up, as it is a duet, not a battle. I don’t like the word “battle”, so I’ve given this round a few alternative names. I prefer Snuggles, Tea Parties, Petits Rendez-vous. WOLF WHISTLE Or just Duets. R-R-Rargh! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Let the battle commence. Duet! DRUMSTICKS CLICK Ooh, yeah, yeah, baby Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh I want to love you Give you that loving, baby Take it high with you Do you what you like, baby I got to find out How you can be my lady I got to do things Do things to drive you crazy We got one chance and I want it badly Do you feel like it’s going the wrong way? Do you know what you’re doing inside me? If you want that then bring that fire, baby Yeah, you got me I’m dreaming about it If you like that then we can go round it If you need that then tell me right now, baby Cos I wanna know If this is the last night Baby, let’s do this right Oh, baby

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