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Super New models of clothes

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    that I’m home, and then there’ll be some people who don’t understand or be puzzled by the fact that we went. I don’t know how much I’m gonna get into when I go back home, which I don’t, you know. And does it matter? I have to just, you know, face the consequences, ’cause I did something radical, major, you know? And that’s cool. That’s cool with me. I just have to deal with it, but I’m not sad. I’m like, “yo, I did something that, you know”, people in America didn’t agree with fully, “and I have to deal with it.” I certainly didn’t intend fob this to be a birthday celebration for anyone. And that’s what it turned into being so it was unfortunate that we were all in that situation. But we have to move on from it. I didn’t even know going over there that it was a birthday. Or that it was gonna be looked at as a birthday gift I’m just, you know Games I’m not over being with the guys. And, you know, just everything that’s been involved with, you know, the media, and all the talk in the media, and when we should talk, and when we shouldn’t talk, and how we should talk. I’m tired of that. Do you have any regrets about the trip? I don’t regret it one bit. It doesn’t matter what scrutiny I get at home, what people say. They’re not me. They’re not in my head. They don’t know what I go through on a daily basis. They don’t live in my shoes. I felt it was a good opportunity, as well, I think, as everyone else that’s here, to show the world that this place that they call North Korea is not as bad as what they think. I’m gonna just tell them I had a great time. By far, as a professional, I would say this is probably my best experience, basketball-wise, as a pro. Like anything, anything. Just anything. You know, you look at it even from the standpoint of Dennis, to be, you know, even in the presence of this guy. They say they’re friends. Even said, “that’s my friend.” There’s no one right now in the United States that can say that. Nobody. Right. Like, there’s nobody that can say, “oh, yeah”, oh, yeah, that’s my man.” You know,

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