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Super Marriage Proposal

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  • Super Marriage Proposal

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    gladly. Now game game you’re just gonna have to do it yourself. Sorry. [WATER SPLASHES] Very well, then. Don’t you say a word. XANDER: This is Immigration and Customs Enforcement. That’s not ICE. They don’t patrol at night. At least, not without contacting me. XANDER: You there. Let me see your hands. -Sure, my bad. We just, uh game game out here night fishing. Trout. XANDER: You need to leave the beach. Now. No problem. We ain’t caught nothing all night anyway. XANDER: Who’s there with you? I’m the park ranger. XANDER: What’s going on here? Just caught him night fishing like he said. XANDER: Looks like he caught you. Gentlemen, mind stepping forward? Get down! XANDER: Now fire! [GUNFIRE] [GUNFIRE IN DISTANCE] Was that gunfire? Well, it ain’t the Fourth of July. Eto’s down. [SPEAKS IN FRENCH] . . [ENGINE STOPS] [IN FRENCH] No. [SHOUTS IN FRENCH] [IN ENGLISH] Eh. happens. [IN FRENCH] Eto. [SPEAKS IN FRENCH] [IN ENGLISH] Close your eyes. [XANDER GRUNTS] What the hell was that? Who was that guy with the shotgun, and why was the ranger there? I thought he was accounted for. I don’t know. We had tabs on him. How do you not know? Oh. You don’t know how close you came. So let’s get to the landing strip. We don’t know if anyone heard those shots. No one lives here except the ranger. We can work with this. We complete the mission with the ranger. He has training. He can make the dive. We hunt the ranger. We kill the other guy. No mistake. No hesitation. Let’s go. SAUL: Ranger’s place is empty. Signs of struggle. The phone is shattered. XANDER [OVER RADIO]: That must be our new friend. Sink all the canoes. No one gets off of this place except us. There is a boat tied up outside. The engine’s still warm. Sink it. JEAN: Oi. [GUN COCKS] No one asked you to leave. Put the kayak down. Now start walking. Whatever you guys are up to, go ahead and do it. Just don’t litter my park. Oh, park-ranger humor? Very funny. Where is the other guy? I don’t know and I don’t wanna know. He led me down here at gunpoint. He wanted to kill me.

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