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Super Makeover Time

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  • Super Makeover Time

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    Super Makeover Time Description

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    Grr. ‘Kay, mom, just make sure you’re collecting the $. I know, I know. Go, go, go. $ includes a free drink. Your name sweetie? Abby. Abby. Best of luck. Thanks. Next name? Bolivia. How do we get our extra points? See our sons the judges back there? You kiss there ass for maximum points. Does this include snacks? Of course it does, Bolivia. What can I tell you? Our sons, they hate money, but they love their little selfies. Next? Name? Lakeisha. Oh, honey, how do you spell that? Like it sounds. Right. There you go. Next? Nicole. Can you tell me where are the judges? They’re back there. There you go. $! Oh, ho, ho, ho! Well, look at you. Aren’t you something? Oh, thanks. Got a special invite from the judges. Not gonna lie. Here for the extra points. Here, let’s snap a few. Ooh! Oh, okay. Oh. bucks? What a deal! They have to be taking a lot. Or getting a tax write-off. Ooh, if they need a tax write-off, that means they’re really rich. So smart, losing money. Crazy smart. Um, chub said we all get some, uh, extra free drinks? Ooh! Well, whatever chub says goes. You’re such a tramp. Oh, they can afford it. Losing money is smart for rich people. All right, girls! To the bar we go! Take care of these lovely ladies. Give ’em whatever they want. Oh! What’s up, ladies? How are you? Oh, are those the shoes that we bought you? Yeah, they are, sweetie. Thank you so much. Oh, yes, thank you so much. We love them. You two are so sweet. Oh, we’re so sweet? Yes. Yeah, baby. You said we could. We did? We were drunk. And they are babes. You know what? It’s no problem! It’s our pleasure! Yeah, wear ’em in good health. And guess what? You both are contenders! What? Shake ’em! Shake ’em, shake ’em! Yes! Love it! I love my life! I need a drink! Thank you! Bottle of champagne. Me, too. It’s so generous of the guys. Let’s go see them. Want a drink? Hey. Hey. I’m Abby. You’re so hot. I know. It is sweltering in here. No. No! Your essence. Hey. Hey, Abby. Yeah, this is Abby. I know! Got to be honest here. For the extra points. Not for the drinks?

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