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Super Light Makeup

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  • Super Light Makeup

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    Don’t move! Look behind you! My brothers! I know, this is the Imperial Manager, Eunuch Liu And he is Hawk Brother Six My younger brother is the best apprentice of Mr. Skilful He can make clay dolls of anyone he has seen That means, it is these three clay dolls that killed him But Manager Liu is not that powerful Who is it? Hawk Brother Six is worse, he only knows how to gamble So the real murderer is this one But his face is blurred and can’t be recognized There’s no way to guess What’s the matter? Killing and spilling no drop of blood, is he really Simon? Must be him Manager Liu, I asked you to fetch the Tianshan Snow Lotus, have you got it? Then get it now Yes Sister, who are you giving this Tianshan Snow Lotus to? This Tianshan Snow Lotus is very precious, I want it for myself I heard it is good for the eyes the skin, and for general health game It’s death penalty for cheating the king Phoenix knows Tianshan Snow Lotus’ main function is to cure poison I don’t care whom you give it to Anyway, it’s good that use it to save and not to injure Thank you, brother I knew you are an understanding and good emperor You are eccentric, full of tricks Tell me, have you found your lover? Of course not! Really no? No You know You are of royal blood like me You don’t have the right to choose the one you love In the eyes of the common people, they envy us But then I envy them more because they have the freedom to love You speak my mind You must have found a lover Who is he? Tell me! I said no No? Are you telling me or not? No game Tell me, yes or no? – No! – I’ll mar your face! This is Master Ball He will take us to Hawk Brother Six So you are the famous Imperial Agent Dragon You are so handsome! I like you! Brother .. Why are all eunuchs like this? Bear with him, treat him as your girlfriend You are so handsome, you are bound to be courted The palace is like a maze Why don’t you get lost and go to my room Wouldn’t that be nice? If I am so unlucky to go to your room I’ll hit your head in one blow You are bad Normally, the eunuchs Super Light Makeup

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