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Super High Ying Yang Babies

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  • Super High Ying Yang Babies

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    No, no Games I am not bothering you. PIease go away. Just two minutes.. PIease go away. I said go away. Go away. PIease Games if you have any address. I said I don’t want to taIk about Irfan. Go away. SaIim! SaIim! Yes aunty.. SaIim, this boy’s troubIing me. Why are you bothering her. No, no, I am not bothering her. Deepu. Sir. How are you? Fine, thank you. I was toId that I have a visitor.. ..and I was thinking who this person is. I was crossing through this town. I knew you were here. So I thought I shouId Iook you up. Crossing aII the way through AIIahabad? No, actuaIIy I wanted to know how the court case was going.. ..and it’s been a whiIe. I thought I must come and see you. ActuaIIy I was going to have Iunch. WiII you join me? Yeah, of course. As Iong as you’re paying for it.. Sure. why not. I am kidding sir. Of course. How did you get that bruise? This one. This? Oh, this. This was during WorId War , with the Germans.. Very funny. Some more IentiIs? No. Just a IittIe. No. Why? No. You touched it. So? You’re eating meat, we’re Brahmins. Oh my Games sorry sir, I didn’t know. It’s okay. I don’t understand aII this reIigious stuff! ReIigion isn’t something to understand. The minute you start rationaIizing, you sacrifice faith. I did see ”Aastha” (faith) on teIevision! I understand! How’s the court case going? Are you taking my interview, Deepu? No, no, sir. I’ve just come to meet you. So, how’s the court case coming aIong? Very boring. I go crazy with boredom! But I bIame my father for this. Why? He was a Iawyer. I grew up hearing about sections, petitions, arguments Games But I didn’t understand it then.. And I stiII don’t understand it! I can imagine. I have a strange reIation with Iaw as weII. When I was a kid, I wouId argue with everyone PeopIe wouId say ”He wiII become a Iawyer.” I even prepared for Law schooI. I managed to get admission too. But fortunateIy I changed my mind. But dad Games who paid , rupees as fees.. ..he stiII taunts me about it. Dads are aII the same reaIIy. Is he happy with your job now?

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