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Super Guitarist girl

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  • Super Guitarist girl

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    And help those light bearers achieve their destinies. You really think I’m a light bearer, Miss Cunningham? Jane? Oh, I know so. It’s my gift, remember? Your light is bright, my dear. I have so much to learn. Teach me? Help me. OK, just make this a little bit more clear. OK. Sorry, I don’t recognize this number. I better get it. Hello? Yes, it is. Are you serious? Oh my God! Yes, thank you! Thank you so much! I’m a finalist for Eurotour! Bridgette, that’s amazing! Congratulations! Tryouts are this weekend, upstate. It’s so exciting! I have a great idea. How about you come up with me? To the trials? Yes. We’ll have so much fun on the trip. And maybe on the way back, we can stop in New York City. Catch a show, see a couple of museums. I don’t know. Just the two of us? Yeah! A weekender. We’ll have a blast! OK! All set? Where’s your stuff? Bridgette, is something wrong? You’re one crazy bitch! I beg your pardon? Come on. Let’s go! You’re not going anywhere. But what about Eurotour? Jane, stop! I’ve had enough of you.

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