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    wake up! My dad has left me already. Please don’t leave me alone. I order you to wake up now. Otherwise I’ll gouge out your eyes. cut off your tongue, pull out your tendons Games and tear off your skin. You’re my husband. Without my permission, you can’t die. Please. Tianyin, use the Song family special moves. Monsters Games will soon conquer the human world. Thank you. Tianyin. You truly met your dad’s expectations. He? Tianyin. This first coin Games was left to you by your dad. Others Games You will have to earn on your own. Six plus five equals ten! The extra one Games is for me. Are you sure? Once you take this coin, you are a monster hunter. Yes! Good! Don’t go! Grandma. Come back! They ate our baby king already? We are too late. Follow them to a remote place Games . Follow them to a remote place Games to rebuild a Yongning Village. You’ll only be safe. with them. I really want you to be with me But that would only hurt you. Even if I dress you up as a human, sooner or later, people will find out. And that would be very dangerous for you. Humans still can’t accept you. Understand? Don’t let others call you a radish anymore. Even though you do look like one. Remember you’ve got a name. It’s Wuba. Leave. Go away!. I don’t want you! Go! I don’t want you! Don’t follow me! Go! You let a monster go. How can you be a monster hunter? There are good monsters and bad monsters. I only catch the bad ones. Come to think of it. you’re my man now. From now on just do what I tell you. Where are we going? I want to look for my dad. I would like to know more about him. Let’s go Let me carry it. I’ll carry. I’m starving. Waiter, do you have any human meat or human liver? It’s just me here. How about.. eating me first? Where do you think Games Wuba would live? I don’t know. Then how can we go to visit him? His one month-old party, his birthday, mid-autumn festival. New Year’s, and many, many, other festivals Games Life is a special book You have to read it with your heart. The beginning chapter can be confusing But

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