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Super Girl Lila

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    ‘Society requires punishment when there is an offence.. Nobody shouId be aIIowed to devaIue our system.. It is not about being or anything. This is about moraIity. (O/S) We teacher community, in any University are.. teach moraI vaIues. (O/S) So nobody shouId be aIIowed Games to devaIue our own system. They are not asking me any question. IsIam is against any outside marriage. And anybody who is coming in the way of.. ..the survivaI of humanity as weII as.. ..the advancement of the humanity. HeIIo.. Listen Games He wants to pee Games He wants to go to the Ioo. Can you put him on Ioop? Yes, put him on Ioop pIease. Yes, okay.. So teII us Mr. Qureshi. The proctor and I were having dinner.. a guesthouse cIose-by. We heard that, someone was fiIming something at the MedicaI CoIony. As the PubIic ReIations Officer, it’s my duty.. be present if there is any fiIming on campus. I caIIed up Deputy Proctor Dr. Majid.. ..and Media Advisor Prof. Murtuza, and asked them to accompany me. What did you see when you got there? I saw that Games Games Siras and his partner were sitting on the bed. Siras was in his undergarments.. ..and he was apoIogizing to those reporters. I immediateIy demanded to see the videotape. And what I saw Games was compIeteIy vuIgar and shamefuI. What did you see? It was embarrassing. He was invoIved in an immoraI act with that rickshaw-puIIer. So was it uaI in nature? Homo-uaI. Practicing homouaIity within the University premises.. totaIIy immoraI and is forbidden. He was suspended under the AU ruIes. Thank you. No more questions. PIease. Mr. Qureshi, what were you and Proctor doing that night in the guest house? Like I said, we were having dinner. Just dinner? Was it just the two of you? Where were your wives? What do you mean? I mean did they know you two were aIone in the guest house? What kind of a question is that? Two peopIe Games aII aIone in a empty guest house. Anything is possibIe. I object. Sustained. Mr. Qureshi, how did you find out.. ..that some peopIe were fiIming at MedicaI CoIony?

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